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Joe Mahoney

Joe Mahoney is a Canadian writer/broadcaster. He’s the author of the time travel fantasy adventure novel A Time and a Place, originally published by Five Rivers Press, and the memoir Adventures in the Radio Trade, published by Donovan Street Press Inc.

Joe’s short fiction has been published in Canada, Australia and Greece, and he’s been nominated three times for an Aurora Award, one of Canada’s top awards for science fiction and fantasy, for his work on CBC Radio.

Joe has also worked as a story editor on multiple radio, television and film projects including CBC Radio’s Steve the First and Steve the Second, both seasons of Canadia: 2056, and more.

He is currently employed full-time with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where, for over more than three decades, he has filled several roles including recording engineer, producer, and several operational management roles.

Joe’s second book, a collection of seven short stories entitled Other Times and Places, was published by Donovan Street Press in January 2020.

Check out his website here!

Mark A. Rayner

Human-shaped, monkey-loving, robot-fighting, pirate-hearted, storytelling junkie, Mark is an award-winning author of satire and speculative fiction. He writes in the genres of science fiction, humorous SF and dark comedy. When not working on the next novel, he pens short stories, squibs and other drivel. (Some pure, and some quite tainted with meaning.)

He is also a prof at Western University, at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, where he teaches bemused students how to create digital products that won’t become self-aware and destroy all humanity.

He does all of these thing while being Canadian and owning cats.

Find his books anywhere you can get them online, or check out his website. Connect with him on Mastadon here @markarayner@mas.to.