Episode 39: Babylon 5

the cast of babylon 5, including a mix of human and aliens
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The lads are joined by Noah Chinn, a Canadian writer of SFF, contemporary fiction and retro mysteries. (The latter two under the pen-name Noah J.D. Chinn.)

Mark kicks off the podcast by asking Joe and Noah if there was anything weird happening to their hair in the 90s, which is also when the groundbreaking science fiction series, Babylon 5 ran.

Noah loved that the series treated each episode as a chapter in a longer story, which was unusual in television at the time. And yes, there was a character with big hair in the show. Noah shares a fun story about the the actor who played Londo, [second from the left at the back in the photo] :

“Peter Jurasik was getting fitted with a wig and it was spiked up like that before it was to be cut down to a more reasonable length.  Jurasik said to J. Michael Straczynski, the show creator, ‘How about I wear it like this?’ Peter was only joking. But Straczynski went with it.”

Noah tries to convince Mark, who never saw the show in the 90s, why he should check it out now. They talk about where it’s similar to The Expanse, and where it differs, and how it had an impact on Noah’s own writing.

In the end, Noah makes a strong case!

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Noah Chinn, aka, Noah J. D. Chinn, is a Canadian writer who has lived in Japan and London, England, and who now calls Vancouver, Canada, home.

To combat the hordes of internet algorithms and publication pigeon-holing, he had to split himself into two separate people, one for his science fiction and fantasy, the other for his contemporary stories and mysteries. They flipped a coin to see who would get the “J.D.” added to their name. The writer of contemporary fiction and retro mysteries won.

His work has been published in Amazing Stories magazine, Knights of the Dinner Table magazine, The Globe and Mail, and others.

We recommend you check out the first book of his Get Lost Saga, Lost Souls!

And go to Noah’s website for a listing of all his books, his blog, and to get his editorial help.

cartoon representing Noah Chin

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