Episode 34: Dirty Dancing

Bold poster of Dirty Dancing - An Emile Ardolino Film, showing a silhouette of a man holding up a silhouette of a woman in dancing pose
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The Poet Laureate of Prince Edward Island (PEI), Tanya Davis, joins the lads to talk about the 1987 musical romance, Dirty Dancing.

They open the conversation by talking about PEI, where both Tanya and Joe grew up. Mark was curious to know if they liked the bridge that connects the island province to the mainland. Both of them were in favor. Tanya thought that it may have also contributed to changes in the province that she thinks has improved the quality of life on the island.

She left PEI when she was a teenager, but came back right around the time of the pandemic.

Tanya is a poet, musician, and performance poet: “My work is very much words based and writing based,” she says. In addition to her performance work and promotion of poetry generally, Tanya takes commissions and writes for events and special occasions.

She also has a band with her partner, called County Line Romance.

“Dirty Dancing to me is about the soundtrack. It’s the first music I listened to just by myself,” says Tanya. She used the music to feel and express something as a young person. Otis Redding’s song “These Arms of Mine” was, and continues to be, a particular favorite.

The movie also introduced her to the idea that she might love dancing, which soon became incredibly important to her. “I’m not exaggerating, but dancing has changed the course of my life,” she says.

Learn all about how it changed Tanya’s life – and influenced her writing – by listening to the whole episode.

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Tanya Davis is an interdisciplinary artist based in rural Epekwitk/Prince Edward Island. She is P.E.I.’s current Poet Laureate.

Go buy her songs and performed poetry at Bandcamp.

And you can watch – and share – her single, The Web, right here:

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