Episode 43: Native Son

cover art for Native Son, a novel, by Richard Wright (black man smoking a cigarette and looking out of a window)
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Joe and Mark are joined by entrepreneur, cyclist and avid reader Ben Fox to discuss a book that had a huge impact on him.

Native Son, by Richard Wright, was assigned to Ben as a senior in high school.

“I hated it from the depths of my soul, but now this book is strongly in my DNA,” Ben says.

The novel is about a black man working for a wealthy family in 1930s Chicago. The protagonist lives with racism, though the family is friendly and good to him. Through a series of events, the protagonist accidentally kills the daughter and pays the price for this act.

“I hated the whole series of events the main character gets trapped in,” Ben says. “I’m an optimistic person, so I really disliked the idea that he was trapped by his circumstances. But there’s not a year that goes by that I don’t think about it.”

He doesn’t hate the story now, though it does haunt him. It’s one of the top fifteen books he would recommend.

Don’t miss this great conversation about systematic racism, reading and entrepreneurship!

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