Episode 40: Spider-Man

Spider-man across the spider-verse, with an image of the Miles Morales spiderman
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Joe and Mark are joined by a veritable Swiss Army Knife of writers, Mark Leiren-Young.

Their guest has written in multiple genres and formats, including television, animation, journalism, comedy, theater, and film. And he loves him some Spider-Man.

Oh, and Kurt Vonnegut too, so you know that Mark LY gets along with both the lads like a house on fire!

They NERD OUT in this podcast, talking about how Vonnegut influenced Mark LY in his writing.

“Oh, I see, you can write in your own voice,” he said as a teenager after reading Cat’s Cradle. [See Episode 11 for Joe and Mark’s take on the book.]

He found Stan Lee’s Spider-Man comics equally affecting, and discovered that he could be a writer with a sense of humor and whimsy as well as a writer of serious things.

The three discuss Mark LY’s career, which has included stints writing for television, animation, and they even get into how he became the media’s go-to guy for discussions of how to save the Orca.

Lately, he has been teaching at the University of Victoria, doing courses on the storytelling in Pixar, DC and Marvel universes, which gives the three an opportunity to talk about the Batman too.

Listen in on this fun and rollicking conversation!

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Mark Leiren-Young is a screenwriter, filmmaker, author, playwright, performer, environmentalist and educator.

Mark consulted on and wrote The Royal BC Museum’s recent exhibit: Orcas: Our Shared Future – which is touring the world for the next ten years. He’s written three books about Orcas, and continued to be active in helping save the species.

Follow his podcast, Skaana, for interviews with scientists and activists trying to save orcas and other species in our threatened oceans.

He also has a wildly entertaining substack that you can subscribe to right here.

You you can find his books and movies at Amazon.

Finally, for more about the man the National Post called “one of the most talented, multi-disciplinary voices in Canada,” you can check out Mark Leiran-Young’s website.

Mark Leiren-Young, smiling at the camera. He's wearing glasses and a shirt with orcas on it.

Spider-Man cover by Iamtherealnova on DeviantArt

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