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Alpha Max by Mark A. Rayner

Alpha Max

An Existential Romp through an Absurd Multiverse

Snarky as Pratchett, insightful as Stephenson, as full of scathing social commentary as Swift or Voltaire, and weirdly reminiscent of LeGuin, Alpha Max is the only multiverse novel you need this month, or maybe ever.

Amazing Stories Magazine

Maximilian Tundra is about to have an existential crisis of cosmic proportions.

When a physical duplicate of him appears in his living room, wearing a tight-fitting silver lamé unitard and speaking with an English accent, Max knows something bad is about to happen. Bad doesn’t cover it. Max discovers he’s the only human being who can prevent the end of the world, and not just on his planet! In the multiverse, infinite Earths will be destroyed.

Personally, Max thinks the multiverse is in big trouble, because he can’t even keep his toenails clipped on the regular, let alone stop the apocalypse. His only “allies” are a race of manic pixie aliens and dozens of other versions of himself; and let’s face it, both groups are annoying as heck!

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Recent Books

Adventures in the Radio Trade

Adventures in the Radio Trade -- a memoir by Joe Mahoney

Adventures in the Radio Trade documents a life in radio, largely at Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC.

“What a wonderful book! If you love CBC Radio, you’ll love Adventures in the Radio Trade. Joe Mahoney’s honest, wise, and funny stories from his three decades in broadcasting make for absolutely delightful reading!
— Robert J. Sawyer, author of The Oppenheimer Alternative’

A Time and a Place

A Time and a Place by Joe Mahoney

An existential romp across space and time, trampling on assumptions about causality, freewill, identity, good and evil. Can Barnabus save his nephew—and incidentally, all of humanity?


The Fatness

A satire about concentration camps for fat people and bureaucracy gone mad. (And a love story.)

“The Fatness is an ideal suggestion for fans of Christopher Moore’s absurdist delights, or for readers of dystopian fiction who could use a side of levity with their otherwise totalitarian buffet.”
–IndiePics Magazine

The Fridgularity

The Fridgularity is the story of a reluctant prophet, Internet addicts in withdrawal and a kitchen appliance with delusions of grandeur.

“If you’re looking for a combination of humor, romance and a power hungry refrigerator, look no further than The Fridgularity, a very enjoyable read. 5 stars!”