Episode 1: A New Hope

Still from Star Wars IV: A New Hope -- Princess Leia's hologram asking for Obi Wan's help while Luke watches
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What inspired you when you were eleven years old?

Re-Creative is all about the art that has had an impact on creatives. For this first episode, Mark A. Rayner thought back to his childhood and came up with the movie that absolutely blew his mind.

He can still remember the visceral thrill of John Williams’ first few bars of music. The absolute shattering views of giant spaceships and the planet Tatooine below. And to an eleven-year-old, Darth Vader was terrifying!

Holy crap: lightsabers!

So this episode is about the first Star Wars movie. Is it the best movie ever? Probably not.

Did it change Mark’s life forever? You bet.

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We don’t have to talk about Mark too much here, because he’s also one of the hosts. For more information, you can go check out his bio under About Us, or at his website at markarayner.com.

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Mark has published five novels and a collection of short fiction, several of which have won awards. You can get his books at Amazon, or wherever they’re sold online, including from indie bookstores; even better, get one of his novels for free when you sign up for his mailing list.

And we think George Lucas is probably doing okay, but what the hell, go watch this movie again.

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  1. Joe Avatar

    The book I reference in this episode at the 37’14” mark is Replay, by Ken Grimwood. A terrific book that I must have reread at least five times now. One correction: it’s the protagonist’s love interest, Pamela Phillips, who hires the dream team to make the Lucas/Spielberg film, not the protagonist Jeff Winston who does so.

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