Episode 12: Children’s Games

Children's Games, by the Flemish Renaissance painter, Pieter Bruegel the Elder -- it shows 230 children playing 83 different games, telling many stories
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Mark and Joe revisit childhood with Canadian author Arlene F. Marks, as they discuss the painting Children’s Games, by Flemish Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

Arlene explains why the painting is so important to her as a writer. Like the painting, which shows 230 children playing 83 different games of the renaissance period, it matters to her that each character she writes has their own story.

As a speculative fiction writer, the painting has also guided Arlene on her world building. Naturally, a book focuses on a detail of a larger picture, but there is a whole universe outside of what she can show in a single book, or even a trilogy.

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As she mentions in the podcast, Arlene F. Marks newest book is The Earthborn!

Amazing Stories describes this book as “a light-hearted Philip K. Dick novel on steroids” and author Ed Greenwood warns: “Buckle up, reader! You’re in for a wild ride.”

Arlene F. Marks has been writing since the age of 6, and she has no plans to stop. A veteran teacher of the craft, she has authored two literacy programs for the classroom. Her short stories have appeared online and in print, notably in an anthology of re-imagined fairy tales, Grimmer Tales Volume One. She is also the author of the Sic Transit Terra space opera series (from Edge Publishing) and Adventures in Godhood, her first of several recent releases from Brain Lag Publishing.

Her short story collection Imaginary Friends and paranormal mystery Weekends Can Be Murder came out last year to great reviews. A new series, The Nash’terel, launched in May with the release of The Earthborn. It will continue in November with The Bloodstone.

Arlene lives with her husband on the shore of beautiful Nottawasaga Bay in Ontario, where she dreams of one day having a tidy, well-organized office.

photo of Arlene F. Marks, taken by a lake with greenery around her

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