Episode 26: The Camouflaged Piano

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Joe and Mark are joined by the visual artist, Gerard Pas, to discuss the work of Greg Curnoe.

Gerard was born in The Netherlands and immigrated to Canada with his parents when he was a boy. He first met Curnoe when he was an art student at H.B. Beal. Then he moved back to Holland, where he steeped himself in the Dutch masters and launched his career in art.

Curnoe was a huge influence on Gerard; both artists made London, Ontario their homes. At first, Greg was Gerard’s hero, then mentor, then friend and colleague.

Curnoe became famous in the Canadian art scene of the 1960s and had a huge influence on Canadian art. He also helped promote Canadian art and along with Jack Chambers & John Boyle, found ways to pay artists for their work.

This conversation paints a wonderful picture of how the art world works, and specifically, what it looks like from Gerard’s unique and entertaining perspective!

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Gerard Peter Pas is an internationally acclaimed visual artist, photographer, object maker, painter, sculptor, performance and video artist. Gerard’s art has been exhibited in many of the world’s most interesting Contemporary, National or Public Museums and Galleries. His art has been discussed in many leading newspapers and art periodicals worldwide, and his work has been broadcast on all forms of electronic media – film, television, video documentaries, radio – and of course, on the web.

Born in the Netherlands, he has lived in Amsterdam, New York City, he now lives and works in London, Canada.

Check out his website, where you can see samples of his work, exhibitions and the many friends he’s made on his artistic journey.

Gerard Pas in New York City

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