Episode 7: Appalachian Spring

glorious sunset over the appalachian mountains -- sky is orange, with mountains in degrees of shadow
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Joe and Mark talk to Mike McCormick, one of the founding members of the Arrogant Worms, Canada’s premier musical comedy trio.

They discuss the vagaries of magnetic recording technologies, the audio formats that are best for scraping frosty windscreens, and the CBC. But don’t be deked out by this Canadian-heavy content!

Mike then brings Aaron Copland’s seminal composition “Appalachian Spring”, to the podcast. Often described as the “Dean of American composers,” Copland wrote the orchestral suite in 1944. Mike explains how it started as a ballet, and became one of most enduring pieces of music in the North American canon.

Mike says it’s such a great piece of music when well performed in a wonderful acoustic space, it could turn anyone onto classical music.

Stay for the end of the podcast, so you can hear one of the Arrogant Worm’s classic symphonic fart jokes: “I Am Cow.”

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Mike McCormick is a wit and a musician, a songwriter and a metallurgist, a performer and sports fan, and one of the founding members of the Arrogant Worms.

The Worms (as their fans know them) are Canada’s foremost musical comedy trio. Mike sings and plays the guitar in the group. He’s also a wicked trombone player and an actor in  musical theatre. Somehow, churches allow him to play piano and organ during their services.

When not touring with the Worms, Mike lives on Manatoulin Island, the world’s largest freshwater island, where he can be found frightening the wildlife with trombone glissandos. (See, wicked.)

Support him and the Arrogant Worms on Patreon, where you can listen to their new songs first, received autographed lyrics, and even be immortalized in their music. You can also find McCormick on Twitter and YouTube. Learn more about the Arrogant Worms, here on their website.

Mike McCormick looking silly

Top photo by Justin Campbell via on Unsplash.

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